Year Round

    St. Michaels Ale: An American amber ale brewed with Carmel and Munich malts.  Medium bodied with an off white head and balanced with Willamette and Saaz hops.  Smooth toffee/carmel malt flavor in the front and finishes clean with a spicy bite.  O.G 1.048, F.G 1.010, ABV 5.0%, SRM 13.1 and IBU 30

    (Silver Medal Winner: Maryland Governor's Cup 2010)
    Knot So Pale Ale: An I.P.A. (India Pale Ale). Light copper in color and brewed with Munich and 2-Row malts.  Medium bodied with pronounced hop flavor and aroma coming from the unique process of dry hopping. A slightly sweet malt finish balances out the bitterness of this brew.  O.G 1.062, F.G 1.012, ABV 6.8%, SRM 7.6 and IBU 76


Duck Duck Goose Porter: Don't judge a beer by it's color, especially this medium bodied English Brown Porter.  Bold coffee and chocolate malt backbone tempered with a slight spiciness from Saaz hops.  Finishes dry with notes of chocolate, coffee, and roasted malts.  O.G 1.052, F.G 1.010, ABV 6.0%, SRM 23 and IBU 32

(Silver Medal Winner: Maryland Governor's Cup 2010)

Magic Hefeweizen: Unfiltered German Hefeweizen named in honor of the late Jimmy Wilson, Captain of the log canoe Magic.  Medium bodied golden wheat ale with a creamy mouthfeel.  Slight fruit and clove in both the flavor and aroma due to the special hefeweizen yeast used in this ale. O.G 1.046, F.G 1.010, ABV 5% SRM 4.1 and IBU 8.2

Brewmasters Reserve Series / Mico Seasonals

 Swampwater West Coast Style Brown IPA

Permanant Midnight Imperial Porter

Kilt Lifter Scotchish Ale



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